Photographer Takahiro Bessho recently posted a series of night shots on his Twitter account (@TakahiroBessho). They are so stunning that over 27,000 people have retweeted it.

Nominated in various photography competitions, his "unedited" shots (using only Adobe Lightroom) take our breath away:

Itami airport

11096_01 11096_02 11096_03 11096_04

Source: @TakahiroBessho


11096_12 11096_13 11096_14 11096_15

Source: @TakahiroBessho

Industrial park

11096_08 11096_09 11096_10 11096_11

Source: @TakahiroBessho

How'd he done it?

According to his website, Takahiro Bessho started photography about 5 years ago, taking photographs using a beaten-up secondhand SLR camera. Bessho only purchased expensive equipment 3 years ago.

His focus is on a blend of light and darkness, real and unreal, and most important of all, people and nature.

Because his photos are so surreal, people have been wondering how he shot it. When asked about his method, Bessho replied on Twitter:

It's all real. It's a single shot, and post-processing after that. Photos of aircraft landings are easier than others - it only took me about 5 minutes. The shooting itself took about 10 seconds per shot.

While it is clear that Bessho had tweaked Clarity, Vibrance, and Saturation settings on Lightroom, these photos nevertheless capture the "aura" of each scene, as if they were captured in our dreams. I could almost stare at these photos forever.

Bessho takes many other kinds of photos, not just night shots. Check out his various online accounts for more!

Takahiro Bessho

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.