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Yoda Unleashes The Force To Levitate A Two-Tiered Cake

The Force was strong at the Cake International Show in Birmingham this year, all thanks to an unexpected appearance by Grand Jedi Master Yoda.

Yoda used a power we’ve all loved to watch him use — levitation. Except this time he didn't levitate an X-Wing, he levitated a two-tiered cake.

The lemon-and-elderflower cake (and the nearly life-sized Yoda, made of fruitcake soaked in brandy) was created by Christine Jensen of Peboryon bakery. Because they do both wedding and sculptural cakes at their bakery, she explained that she was looking for a way to showcase both.

“It seemed that the best way to do that was to use a little bit of force,” she told SWNS.


Source: Peboryon Cakes

The floating, spinning cake didn’t fail to surprise. Jensen told Today how it was worth every effort to see the look on peoples’ faces. “The children would get up on chairs so they could see the gap. We’d explain that Yoda, even though he is small, he’s very powerful.”


Source: SWNS TV

And although Jensen did not reveal the secret to her levitating cake, she did leave us with a little hint: “All we had to do was find a Jedi master and put him at the other end of the cake board, and with his help we were able to raise the cake. That and some good self-rising flour.”

Enough said.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.