Valentine's Day is an occasion to express your love and gratitude to the special people in your lives. proposes to make it the best day ever with a wonderful surprise cake sure to please melon lovers.

As a special Valentine's Day version of their popular 「まるごとメロンケーキ」"Marugoto Melon Cake" (marugoto meaning "whole" or "entire"), it features chocolate. As the name suggests, the cake uses a whole muskmelon, which reveals a beautiful cake when you cut it open.

Not only in its appearance but also the inside of the cake is full of surprises. A sponge cake filled with chocolate, plenty of fresh chocolate cream, and fruits such as melons and raspberries are lined up like beautiful jewels.

Melon lovers will be happy to know that uses carefully selected muskmelons. As their name suggests, these melons have a sweet and pleasant smell. By putting the cake inside, it is enveloped in the aroma of melon, which you'll surely appreciate the moment you cut it open.

  • Price: 10,000 yen (tax included) + 500 yen for shipping
  • Order online here

By - grape Japan editorial staff.