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10 Photos Of Pugs Simply Enjoying Life

Thanks to their characteristic face, pugs are so adorable! Here are some photos of these cute little dogs caught in a moment when they make the expression only pugs can.

Just hang on - I'm going to eat that!

Ah, now I'm satisfied

Take a photo of me too!

Umm... can I come in?

I. Cannot. Move. Anymore.

Yeah, baby - give me more of this breeze!

What... are you doing with me!?

This is nice. But how do I stop...?


What are you waiting for? Pat me!

Noooo! This is not my father!

I think today's gonna be great.

Such an expressive face, don't you think? I bet this is one of many reasons why some people just can't get enough of them!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.