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This Dog is 100% Chilled Out

World’s Most Popular Shih Tzu?

Have you come across Paningning (therealpaningning) during your internet wanderings?

This Shih Tzu puppy has created quite the buzz because of her peculiar sleeping habits.

It seems like Paningning has taken social distancing and the recent quarantine quite seriously. Luckily it didn’t affect her beauty rest.

And here’s a video of Paningning sleeping without a care in the world:

Besides warming dog-lovers hearts across the world, Paningning has inspired memes and all kinds of merchandise. If you’ve already fallen in love, you can show your support for her and get your official Paningning shirt here:

Why Do Dogs Show Their Bellies?

Many may have heard the gesture originated with wild dogs showing their inguinal region (above the genitals, what we’d call the abdomen) to higher-ranking dogs in the pack. It’s generally agreed that this behavior has been learned and passed down to our domesticated pups.

Adrienne Farricelli, a certified dog trainer and behavioral consultant, explains that the behavior is more nuanced than we realize.

She says that puppies who remain with their mother and siblings for at least 8 weeks learn the basics of doggy language and this “inguinal presentation” is included.

Puppies like fooling around with older dogs, biting and jumping all over them, etc. But when that goes too far and the adult has had enough, the pups lay belly up to say “Sorry, I’m just a puppy. I don’t know any better.” Adults recognize a distinct smell in the pup’s urine that identifies them as harmless and to be left alone.

As pups grow older, this behavior more often signifies respect for another dog or person and shows humility, as most of us have heard. They also may go belly up during play or when they’re relaxed, happy, or want a belly rub.

On the other hand, dogs may show their bellies to express discomfort or fear with a situation.

Lastly, dogs sleep belly up when they feel secure in their environment, or simply just to stay cool.

Who knew that this simple gesture had so many different meanings?

If I had to guess, I’d say that Paningning feels relaxed at home with her owner, surrounded by her doggy friends. Although in the video below, perhaps she was just trying to cool off…

Next time your dog shows his or her belly, now you’ll know why!

By - Mujo.