A unique and a first style of hotel appeared in Nagasaki Prefecture called Henn-na Hotel. A hotel with only robots. It is not a huge surprise since Japan has a mastermind for robots, but to posh this far and make the entire hotel services all staffed with robots, we can safely say this is the first time.

The counter staff, room cleaning and porter services are all done by robots, meaning you could be checked in by robots and have robots carry your bags to your room!

The owner of the hotel Hideo Sawada says he wants to make the hotel the “most efficient hotel in the world“ by reducing manpower and having 90% of staff be robotic.

The hotel uses facial recognition software to give access to rooms and services.

Chu-ri-chan, a cute little electronic creature in the middle of your room. She will switch on the lights and offer weather forecast and wake-up calls. She will also perk up after being silence for an hour and scare the crap out of you. Robots may be the future, but for hotel hospitality, you still can’t override humans with any kinds of technology.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.