Recently a name of a station on Choshi Dentetsu has changed. The name is Kaminoke Kurohae - which means "black hair grows". People on Twitter has been getting quite a shock with the new station name:

Are they going to take on hair growth issues?

I think this station's going to attract a lot of people with "shiny heads"...

I bet many people in Japan who's concerned about their hair would be stricken with such a name.

The secret to this name change is that Mesocare+, who sells a hair care product line called "scalp", bought the station naming rights from Choshi Dentetsu.

Although the station name is unofficial, the signs has been changed, and train conductor will certainly be announcing "hair growth station" as the train approaches the 'controversial' station.


Source: PR TIMES

Why on earth did they do this?

Choshi Dentetsu was in financial trouble due to the lack of users on the line. In order to recover from it, the railway company decided to sell naming rights to 7 stations at a price of between 800,000 to 2 million yen.


Source: PR TIMES

Along with the new station name, they are selling limited-edition station entrance tickets that are made out of real seaweed! Seaweed is known to help hair growth - just holding one in your hands might bring you good "hair growth" fortunes.


Source: PR TIMES

The station name will be valid 1 year from December 1, 2015. If you are interested in hair growth, it might be a fun place to visit!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.