Despite the little amount of time and effort many of us end up putting into doing our hair in the morning, it’s a reality that our world is abundant in fashion accessories so gorgeous, it would be a shame not to use them. Japanese hairpin artist saion is one such creator of beautiful hair accessories, and they’re so beautiful that they just might succeed in motivating even the laziest late riser to fix up their hair.

Using resin and wires, saion creates ornamental hairpins of large, delicate flowers by hand. He first started back in 2007, and attributes his passion for working on these masterpieces to his long-harbored desire to create flowers that will never wither away.

One of the most astounding things about saion’s creative process is that he doesn’t draw or sketch images of the flowers he plans to make beforehand, but instead uses real flowers as guidance for his works. Because of this, his house is naturally overflowing with various types of flowers that can all be used as references to his handmade pieces. The artist’s favorite flowers are wisterias and lotuses, but his creations span an incredible number of floral species of different colors.

In order to construct the flowers as realistically as possible, saion occasionally takes apart the flowers he is trying to recreate. By deconstructing them and observing their every little detail, he is able to use that knowledge to faithfully replicate them. While he may not be able to mimic every part of the flower, what results are always elegant, breathtakingly gorgeous floral hairpins that are sure to make anybody envious.

Although these hairpins are currently not for sale, saion says that they are occasionally sold on online auctions. For now, however, his goal is to create more works of perfection, and open up his own gallery featuring these beautiful floral pieces.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.