It all started with a series of tweets by Japanese comedian Masahiro Ehara where he squished his kids’ faces into the shape of a rice ball.

The adorable tweets went viral, and Japanese Twitter users began to post pictures of their own “rice ball babies.”

But a lot of them just looked like they were pretty fed up with their parents’ nonsense.

The meme didn’t stop there. People who didn’t have the marshmallowy soft face of a baby nearby resorted to squishing the faces of pets, friends, and even themselves.

I think we can all agree though — nothing beats squishing the soft face of a baby.

But after seeing this new meme go viral, Ehara warned parents that turning babies into rice balls shouldn’t be an excuse to hurt them. Plus, brute strength isn’t necessary to squish an already squishy face into a rice ball of ultimate cuteness.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.