Time lapses and travel videos of Tokyo are a dime a dozen these days, but every so often visionary talents and hard work can turn the hauntingly beautiful night time scenery of Japan's metropolis neon jungle into something truly stunning. You can now add this video series by Justin Tierney to the list of masterpieces, as it perfectly captures the frenzied charm of Tokyo in gorgeous fashion.

"At The CONFLUX" is a five part video series by Tierney, which he describes as "a short film exploring the rhythm of urban Japan and its people." As of writing the first two parts have been released, and both offer a unique guide through the vibrant labyrinth of Tokyo. Part one is an aerial time lapse that scales as high as the Tokyo Skytree, letting you see how the city breathes and flows, almost like a machine come to life. Part two takes you through Tokyo via the streets and railways, and shows off a wonderful sequence of the iconic and chaotic crossing in Shibuya. While different in approach, they do a fantastic job of capturing Tokyo's whirlwind but strangely calming atmosphere.

The series will continue with its third installment, "“In Praise of Shadows" on June 27th. If it's anything like the first two, then it should offer yet another beautifully shot look at a complicated, but fascinating city that seems to exist in moments, and not locations.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.