Japan is safe, but not entirely. Earthquakes are a main problem that have been bothering Japan for many years. Japanese are highly trained in school to know how to evacuate during earthquakes. However as you might know, school lessons do not apply to everyone as people are different individuals.

If an earthquake happened, not everyone can easily wake up, especially if you are having a sweet dream while hugging your teddy bear. That's why an inventor Wang Wenxi from China has implemented the idea of an Anit-Earthquake Bed since 2010. When things start shaking , the bed will fold itself in half and drop you entire body under a hard metal safety box..

Inside the metal box there are plenty of emergency supplies such as water and oxygen masks that are enough to keep yourself alive before getting rescued. Of course, there are other concerns such as going to toilet and food supply, but probably these are less problematic if you are in a severe death situation.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.