One of the highlights of going to an aquarium is to see spectacular shows of marine animals. Trained to perfection, many of us marvel at how intelligent these beautiful creatures are.

A penguin show in "Otaru Aquarium" in Hokkaido is also extremely popular. However, its popularity is due to a very different reason:

"We don't give a damn" – that's the attitude these penguins have. The way they do whatever they want and not giving what the staff wants is refreshing to see; it's incredibly funny and cute, too!


Source: YouTube

Otaru Aquarium knows that they have a unique show on their hands. They even openly admit it on their official website:

Show shouldn't be all about animals obeying orders of their trainers.
Our penguins are free. During the show, most of them just do whatever they want.
They are hungry, but have no enthusiasm.
They scatter away as the show begins; they gather together when the show ends.
Since they hardly listen to our instructions, us trainers actually get a shock when they actually do something.

Penguin Show / Otaru Aquarium

The way these penguins behave against their trainers make us think penguins actually know exactly why the show is popular.


Source: YouTube

During winter, the penguin show is replaced with "Penguin snow walk". Here's a video of it, taken in 2014:

I guess penguins love the snow – they appear to be enjoying the walk very much.


Source: YouTube

By - grape Japan editorial staff.