All good things come to the end, but it's what we take from the end that really matters.

Popular Japanese singer and musician Gackt demonstrated that in a pretty cool way after he saw his undefeated streak snapped on this year's edition of Geinojin-Kakuzuke-Check, an intense but funny game show that airs on Japanese television as a New Year's special. Here's a simple breakdown of the show for some background.

The show's title translates to "Celebrity Class Check", and is essentially a game show where a celebrity's ability to distinguish between good and poor taste is tested to measure how "classy" they are. Celebrities compete in teams (usually paired with a celebrity colleague--singers with singers, actors with actors, etc.) and are presented with two items labeled "A" and "B".

Trouble brews when your partner disagrees with you!


One item is high class--a $1,000 wine, $200 steak, music played by antique instruments, high class bonsai trees--and the other is of ordinary quality, such as a $1 wine, convenience store meat, standard instruments, store-bought bonsai trees--and then the celebrities must guess (sometimes blindfolded) which item is of the highest quality.

Tastings are done blindfolded


The celebrities then must sit in room "A" or "B" (corresponding to the item they picked) and await the show's judges to come into the correct room. This provides for some tension as walking into a room to find other competitors in there fills them with confidence in their choice, but emptier rooms cause them to doubt themselves. For every wrong decision, you fall down a rank in celebrity status--from "first class" to "peasant." It's great fun, and would probably do well on television abroad as well.

Lowly peasants must sit on straw mats


If the judge comes to your room, you made the right choice


Going into the show, Gackt was like The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. He's never made a mistake or fallen a rank in seven years, with 36 straight victories. This is even more impressive because as a team competition, he wasn't always in control of his own fate. That turned out to be his downfall this year, however, as his two partners, pop-stars Hiromitsu Kitayama (Kis-My-Ft2) and Yuma Nakayama (various groups) chose incorrectly, breaking the streak while Gackt could only watch from the sidelines.


Gackt takes the competition very seriously, always celebrating animatedly and telling his partners that they are "below poop" if they lose, so fans took to Twitter and cursed Kitayama and Nakayama for coming up short. But Gackt didn't bully them around, so when one fan was surprised and touched, Gackt replied directly, citing his relation to the two pop-stars as a senior/junior pairing (something highly valued in Japan), and gave a heartfelt response.

Why would I bully them? Wouldn't you hate to have a senior like that? A senior is someone who makes you think "I want to be like that person", who protects you in troubled times, and sometimes gently scolds you. That's the minimum requirement.

He went on to say that he has no problem being ranked as a "normal celebrity", because it means that he can only go up in life from here on out. His direct response to overzealous fans calling for the heads of his partners, and showing such positive attitude after falling has touched thousands on the Japanese side of the internet.

It's also showing that despite a loss, maybe he can still hold onto his "first class celebrity" title--after all, he still hasn't personally failed, with an individual streak of 42 and counting! Best of luck next year, Gackt.


By - grape Japan editorial staff.