Whether it's burrowing into the dirt to beat the heat or having a very complicated pre-meal dance routine, shiba inu seem to always be able find themselves a unique hobby.

For Charmy (@shiba_charmy), a shiba inu in Japan, that hobby seems to be very clear. Charmy appears to love playing with her food-themed pet toys, as evidenced by this video that shows the adorable doggo being turned into the world's most comfortable instant cup of tonkotsu ramen.

As it turns out, Charmy has not only a number of comfy food-themed beds she fancies, but also an egg-themed blanket that she seems to wear very stylishly as a cape! When paired with her assortment of pet beds, she makes the most adorable shiba "meals" you'll ever see.

Here she is napping as eggs and toast.

Putting the shiba version of an egg in Japan's "moon-viewing" burgers.

And of course, as a hot dog!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.