Tokyo’s Country Farm German Village, also known as Tokyo Doitsu Mura (東京ドイツ村) situated in Chiba Prefecture is here again with its 14th edition of Winter Illumination!

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The Illuminations in Tokyo German Village is famous for offering the visitors a breathtaking view and a one of a kind experience.

2019-2020 “Game Center” Winter Illuminations

This year’s theme will bring back nostalgia and will take us way back to the 1980s because it is focused on that period’s games.

The theme for this year is “Game center” and together with the popular show of lights and sounds, the rainbow tunnel, 3D Illumination, you will also be able to enjoy the light displays on electric carts and the “China Lantern Area”.

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Besides the fact that it is so large that it is approximately 20 times the size of Tokyo Dome, the German Village is also available throughout the year.

During Christmas, the Illuminations last about half a year and during 2019-2020, you can see it from 1st of November, 2019 to 5th of April, 2020.

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From April on, you can enjoy other events such as Flower Festivals because from April until the end of autumn, various types of flowers bloom in Doitsu Mura.

In spring, one of the most famous one to see there is Shibazakura.

Shibazakura, together with the sakura trees and many other flowers will paint the village in spring colors of pink, greens, reds and purple shades.

From May on, you can enjoy the spring roses, followed by Ajisai and Snapdragons in June, sunflowers in summer and red Kokia in autumn. Besides the flowers above, you’ll see many other types as Doitsu Mura has a wide variety of species.

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Besides enjoying the beautiful sights, you have many outdoor activities you can try out such as archery, mini-golf, ride the Ferris wheel, rent a dog, etc.

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Now, back to winter, you will be able to see over 3 million dazzling lights and try out German dishes and beverages while there.

I love going there during winter because it’s such a festive atmosphere and being surrounded by Christmas lights and songs, I feel at home.

The place will light up from 4:45 p.m. to 8 p.m. and the opening hours are 9.30 8 p.m. The price of one car is 3,000 yen and 500 yen from 4 years on.

Enjoy a brilliant Christmas in Tokyo’s Doitsu Mura from Chiba Prefecture and for more information check out Doitsu Mura Official Website (Japanese only).


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