Since the weather in Japan is getting colder now and there are many singles in Japan. Village Vanguard has started selling a "cold looking girl clothes hanger" to make singles feel like that they have someone to take care of. Specifically, a girl picture attached to the hanger, and while you hang your jacket on it, it looks like you are sharing your jacket to keep your imaginary girlfriend warm. In any sense, a great way to practice showing good gentleman behavior.

The girl’s face is designed to be picture as needy, helpless, and a there is a little detail of sadness as you can see from her eyebrows that are facing downwards. Of course, that's not forgetting the main target of making the girl look like as she is freezing cold and in need of a jacket.

The “cold looking girl clothes hanger” sells at 1,998 yen ($16 USD). You can find them on Amazon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.