If you’re a fan (or a curious observer) of all things weird and Japanese, you’ve probably heard about Ladybaby. A pop metal unit made up of three pigtailed “cuties,” this PR group for Japanese costume maker clearstone has defied everything a Japanese idol group had ever been expected to be.

Then again, that’s their goal. Striving to “break all borders through their songs and dance,” Ladybaby makes it a point to blur the lines between gender, nationality, age, culture, and rules with their kawaiicore (cutecore) music. And if anyone can do it, it’s these three.

Ladybaby was formed in early 2015. Dominating the center spot is Ladybeard, a former professional wrestler and martial artist originally from Australia. Before coming to Japan, he had been pursuing a career in kung fu movies in Hong Kong, but ended up becoming a professional wrestler instead. It was then that Ladybeard came into being — he wore dresses and pigtails in the ring, and also sang heavy metal covers of Cantonese pop songs in the same trappings.

When people started suggesting he might do well in Japan, where his quirky persona would likely be greeted with open arms, he decided to take the plunge. The rest is history.

Now, Ladybeard (who is an eternal 5-year-old, by the way) performs all over the world with Rei Kuromiya (14) and Rie Kaneko (17), two young girls who add the pop to his heavy metal. This was their first song, “Nippon Manju,” in which they list all the awesome things Japan has to offer.

And just last month, they came out with the new song “Age-Age Money” to add to their musical lineup. Not as positive as their previous hit, they pretty much beg their bosses for a raise throughout the entire song. It’s basically the anthem for all of us.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.