When looking for ice cream in Japan, it's hard to pass up regional varieties such as the world's most intense green tea ice cream, but it's easy to stray towards more bizarre offerings like instant ramen ice cream and sushi and crab cream croquette soft serve.

Japanese sweets and snacks maker Morinaga's latest concoction definitely falls in the latter category. Morinaga is calling it a "forbidden meeting" of flavors, and for many it may be--mayonnaise flavored ice cream bars.

Branded as a "calorie monster" (it clocks in at 307 calories), the new release is a celebration of the 35th anniversary of Cheerio, Morinaga's long selling popular ice cream bars. As the image below shows, the bar's core is white chocolate at the center of a mayonnaise-flavored ice cream filling, which is then coated with a mix of more white chocolate and cookie bits.

Japanese mayonnaise, which doesn't add water and uses egg yolks and apple or rice vinegar, is often described as richer and sweeter than its American counterpart. Morinaga describes the bar's flavor as a "sweet and creamy deliciousness that has yet to be experienced."

The mayonnaise flavored Cheerio ice cream bar will be available in Japan for 140 yen from September 23rd to March, 2020.

By - Big Neko.