One of the most memorable anime and manga Neon Genesis Evangelion, now has a selling a character figure dressing in kimono with a detailed Japanese sword attached.

Her name is Rei Ayanami, who pilots the Evangelion Unit-00. The sword is sculpted with a gun and a dragon, and craved on the other side with 4 kanji letters "戮力協心", which means joining forces together. In addition it comes with an included sword stand for display.

Since Rei’s character is known to be seemingly motionless and mysterious, she probably is more suited to wearing a kimono than other characters. The bigger reason is because her title fame is extraordinary huge in Japan. As you might think that she is only popular with male fans, but many girls in Japan admire her pale skin and quiet personality.

Her kimono is designed with flowers and butterflies.

The beautiful “Ayanami Rei with Japanese sword doll” sells at 16,200yen ($137 USD).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.