Anime fans looking for an iconic series themed restaurant and bar who missed a chance to say "See you, space cowboy" at the awesome Cowboy Bebop-themed cafe will have another shot this year. Starting this week, a Neon Genesis Evangelion bar will be opening up in the Ikebukuro neighborhood of Tokyo, complete with a menu of Japanese pub food and beverages inspired by characters and scenes from the mega popular anime series!

Similar to how the Cowboy Bebop cafe teamed up with Animate, the Evangelion bar and restaurant is a collaboration with 46 Shokudo, which regularly hosts anime-themed restaurant events. The Evangelion Sakaba (Evangelion drinking spot) is actually an izakaya, or traditional Japanese pub. Many like to refer to the selection of food and drinks at izakaya as "Japanese tapas", and the Evangelion menu's variety is sure to please all fans of the series.

Sachiel's squid ink seafood pilaf.

Lilith Spicy Chicken, with protruding spear of Longinus.

Asuka's buttered corn, dried manta "rei" flaps, Angel fried chicken and wasabi soy sauce fish cakes.

New unit lunch plate (veggie risotto), Unit 02 lunch plate (bacon and tomato pasta), Mark.06 lunch plate (berry sauce beef steak).

New Tokyo-3 chilled tofu, NERV dashimaki tamago omelette, "Q" cucumbers and miso, Gendo bean fried fish cakes.

"You must not run away!" spicy mapo tofu, Shinji Ikari calimari (a play on Shinji's last name and the Japanese word for "squid"), The "unknown" tenpura bowl, Sachiel gunkan sushi.

New unit berry sour, Unit 02 sour, Mark. 06 highball, Rei sour.

Asuka Sour, Cruel Angel's Thesis Special

Judging from previous 46 Shokudo events, the interior of the bar should be decorated in an Evangelion theme and you can count on the soundtrack and anime clips being played during business hours. The event will run from November 16th, 2018-January 6th 2019 at the Ikebukuro branch of 46 Shokudo, 11:30Am.m.-11:30 P.M. Access information can be found at the website.

By - Big Neko.