Here’s one of the most underrated foods of all time — the cakewich.

Most commonly offered in Scandinavian countries as the Smorgastarta, this dish of Swedish origin is usually made of layers of white or light rye bread and creamy fillings in between.

The Japan Sandwich Association (JSA) has jumped onto this tasty bandwagon, now offering lessons on how to make delicious and picture-worthy cakewiches that everyone around you will love.

They’ve introduced some scrumptious fillings, too.

Roasted chicken and genovese paste cakewich

Berry cakewich

Since they can be either sweet or savory, they can be made as snacks, dessert, lunch, or even as a birthday cake for someone who’s not that into sugary foods. Plus, they look simple enough to try out on your own. And since it’s essentially a sandwich, there’s probably a very slim chance of it turning into something completely inedible.

This is one dish we’ll for sure be trying out at home!

If you're interested in going to a lesson, get more information on their website (Japanese) here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.