Rilakkuma, Japan's beloved relaxing bear that is so cute you want to cuddle him while you work, is getting his own cafe in Tokyo, with original food and goods modeled after him and his buddies.

Located in Japan's fashion-driven Harajuku, the Rilakkuma-themed cafe will feature an original menu that looks almost too adorable to eat, and the cafe itself will be decorated as a forest of honey for you and his buddies to all hang out in. While the cafe will only be open for a limited time (March 4th-April 10th, 2016), it will offer a chance for Rilakkuma fans to pick up some original merchandise and offer a very creative themed menu.

"Best Friends" Eggs Benedict


Source: Rilakkuma Cafe

Suddenly From The Forest! Rilakkuma Green Curry


Source: Rilakkuma Cafe

A New Friend? Getting Friendly With Rilakkuma Carbonara


Source: Rilakkuma Cafe

New Friend Kiiroitori Chocolate Mousse


Source: Rilakkuma Cafe

Rilakkuma Pancake *Honey Forest*


Source: Rilakkuma Cafe

I Love Strawberries! Korilakkuma Strawberry Parfait


Source: Rilakkuma Cafe

I Love Honey!! Rilakkuma Vanilla Latte, Served With Rusk


Source: Rilakkuma Cafe

Korilakkuma Fluffy Honey Soda


Source: Rilakkuma Cafe

Loaded With Fruit! Rilakkuma Strawberry Milk Smoothie


Source: Rilakkuma Cafe

When you're done eating, you can take a look and see if you want to bring home a souvenir.

Cafe Limited Edition DURALEX Amber Mug


Source: Rilakkuma Cafe

Cafe Limited Edition Cleaning Cloth


Source: Rilakkuma Cafe

Cafe Limited Edition Keyholder


Source: Rilakkuma Cafe

Cafe Limited Edition Plates


Source: Rilakkuma Cafe

And even more you can check out at Rilakkuma Cafe's website. They're currently taking reservations depending on availability of seats, that come with your choice of reservation bonus present--original stickers or an original mason jar. For the limited opening, you can find it at the address below.

Harajuku BOX Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jingu Mae 4-28-28 Lucessimo 2F

By - grape Japan editorial staff.