Japan is no stranger to imaginative art and design. Heck, even manholes and gas tanks in the country can be done up in surprisingly charming and creative ways. So while it shouldn't come as a surprise that bus stops are also part of the kawaii movement, we still can't help but marvel at the cutest looking place to sit while you wait for your bus--fruit shaped bus stops.

These delicious looking bus stops that would be right at home in a theme park are located in Konagai, part of Isahaya city in Nagasaki Prefecture. They were originally constructed for the 1990 Travel Expo in Nagasaki as welcoming invitation for visitors. With the Expo long done, the stands still remain as a series of local landmarks and have continued to bring in tourists from afar to this day, thanks to Konagai merging with Isahaya and even holding an exhibit that featured the bus stops called "Nagasaki Journey."

The creators of these delightful bus stops were inspired by the Pumpkin carriage in the classic fairy-tale of Cinderella. While there is no pumpkin-themed bus stop, there are 5 distinct types.



Source: Glt-Isahaya



Source: Glt-Isahaya



Source: Glt-Isahaya



Source: Glt-Isahaya



Source: Glt-Isahaya

Five types of bus stops, with sixteen in total make up this adorable bus route!


Source: Glt-Isahaya

Every trip to school just got way cuter.


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By - grape Japan editorial staff.