There’s not much that triggers surprise when it comes to animal cafes in Japan anymore, but it’s not every day you hear of a cafe where you’re greeted by adorable animals and served equally charming food that will have you squealing with delight. Well, one cafe in Tokyo does just that, and they’ve recently come out with an entirely new menu available for a limited time only.


Source: Kotori Cafe

This lovely cafe is Kotori Cafe, a cafe where you can spend a relaxing day chirping along with the kotori, or small birds. You’ll be able to make friends with parrots, canaries, and various types of parakeets, all while enjoying a cup of coffee and some snacks served in adorable cups and plates.

Currently, Kotori Cafe is in the midst of celebrating its Summer♪Penguin Festival at their three locations in Tokyo, held until July 31st. An array of adorable food and sweets made to look like penguins and small birds will be available at the Kotori Cafe in Omotesando, Kichijoji, and Shinsaibashi, with menus varying slightly depending on which location you decide to visit.

Included in the limited edition menu are the Penguin Cake, Penguin Curry, and Baby Penguin Cake. The Penguin Curry, offered by Inco Kitchen, is only available at the Kichijoji cafe, while the Omotesando cafe offers a new Penguin Cake different from those of other Kotori Cafe locations.

The entire list of adorable food can only be devoured during this limited time, so we recommend heading to a store asap to get these beautiful treats. We can’t guarantee you’ll be able to dig into them without hesitation, though — these pastel-colored delectables might actually be too cute to eat!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.