Some may think that Japanese people are generally modest and courteous. But as with any country, there are people who misbehave and post their silliness on social media.

Perhaps the difference when something like that happens in Japan is that it won't end up just being trolled on the world of social media alone. It will be broadcast on public television and much of the society will troll the mischief-maker.

This happened recently in a hotel in Hokkaido. In a well-known hotel called Noboribetsu Grand Hotel, a tweet was posted in January 18 of a curious photo of a dish washing area.


Online source; edited by grape

This guy, a part timer, is seen bathing in a sink where dishes are washed.

To avoid nationwide outrage, a press conference was held by the hotel right away, apologizing for what happened.

We sincerely apologize for this inappropriate behavior by one of our part-time staff.

No dishes were in the sink, and no dishes were in direct contact with the water inside the sink.

Therefore, we believe that the likelihood that it had any health risks to our customers.

Since we were aware of the issue (on January 21, 9pm), the sink has not been in use. In addition, the said sink was removed and replaced on January 22.

Quoted from Noboribetsu Grand Hotel

Quick thinking by the hotel helped minimize the problem. But if it wasn't for the quick response by the hotel, this story could have been a huge problem in Japan.

I guess we need to have less people being silly at workplace...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.