It’s not like we never eat dessert for breakfast, but Japanese cereal brand Ciscorn is allowing us to indulge in one of our all-time favorite cakes in the morning, 100% guilt free.

Being released nationwide on February 1st is the Ciscorn BIG Baked Cheesecake Flavor, future spoonfuls of creamy delight in the form of ordinary cereal.


Source: Nissin

Ciscorn is one of Japan’s oldest cereal makers, providing breakfast for sleepy families everywhere since 1963. They’ve promised their new cheesecake flavor to be rich, aromatic, and delicious for both children and adults. It almost sounds like they’re releasing an actual cake!

But even before the Baked Cheesecake Flavor, Ciscorn’s had some few other interesting flavors:

Like Burnt Caramel

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And Matcha!

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Get your cereal bowls out, because February is only a few days away!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.