Video game hero Kirby continues to ride his star of popularity. Not only does he have his own cafe but he has enjoyed collaborations with everything from face masks and plushies to jewelry.

With his jovial countenance and simple, rotund design, it's no wonder that he's also a favorite among culinary creatives who feature cute characters in their work.

Asami Kamioka 上岡麻美 (@asami_kamioka) is a culinary artist who creates cute confectionaries and produces adorable picture books using icing cookie characters, as well as recipe books. She's also an official ambassador for Sylvanian Families.

Kirby Raspberry Mousse Cake

Recently, she turned her ample talents towards the Pink One, creating a collection of adorably round raspberry mousse cakes!

"I made round Kirby raspberry mousse ☺️✨My husband said they look like ornaments!?"

Reproduced with permission from Asami Kamioka 上岡麻美 (@asami_kamioka)

As you can see, she also made a version showing Kirby doing his signature inhale move, which reveals the two-layer structure of her mousse inside.

Each Kirby is riding on a cookie star!

Reproduced with permission from Asami Kamioka 上岡麻美 (@asami_kamioka)

Kamioka puts her expertise in making icing cookies to good use here, faithfully re-creating Kirby's face with two red dimples and his recognizable eyes with their white, black and blue pattern.

Reproduced with permission from Asami Kamioka 上岡麻美 (@asami_kamioka)

Here's what it looks like when you slice it. Kirby looks a bit sad but what can you do? It's a dessert, after all!

Reproduced with permission from Asami Kamioka 上岡麻美 (@asami_kamioka)

Her kawaii Kirby creation delighted many people on Twitter, eliciting comments such as:

  • "So kawaii! If this were served at Kirby Cafe, it would surely be the most popular item on the menu!"
  • "Kawaii! Mousse can be so three-dimensional? There's magic at work here..."
  • "The character creations you make are always so amazing that it's a shame to eat them (...)"

Of course, Kirby isn't the only popular character she has created in edible form. For example, she recently made these amazing cookies in the likeness of Anya Folger from Spy x Family:

To see more of Asami Kamioka's amazing sweet creations, follow her on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to her YouTube Channel here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.