You probably think your baby's butt puts others to shame in terms of cuteness factor, but why not try and get a leg, or even a tail, up on the competition with these new cat-tail motif shirts from ekoD Works?

Called the "Mimic Rompers", these shirts make it appear as if a cat tail is sprouting from your baby's butt, despite not being 3D at all. ekoD Works designed them with the the hypothetical thematic story of parents seeing their children be so mischievous that they wonder if their kids have completely turned into animals. So in a sense it's a way to let your kid let out their inner animal as they crawl and romp all over the place, mimicking a cat--hence the name!

Ready to take on the world while wagging his tail.


Source: ekoD Works

Don't worry--the butt is painted on!


Source: ekoD Works

They are available in Japan domestically via several retailers, including Village Vanguard, which is somewhat of Japan's equivalent to Hot Topic, and no stranger to interesting fashion items--Panty Hats, anyone?

While Village Vanguard only ships domestically, ekoD Works has some partner retailers who ship internationally listed on their site that will likely get the item in their stock soon. It's priced at 4320 yen ($35.62 USD).

They're available in light pink and green.


Source: ekoD Works

The cat-tail-butt-design is a winner of the Zakka Awards, which Village Vanguard supports to help introduce interesting designers.


Source: ekoD Works

By - grape Japan editorial staff.