Beauty supplies, especially skin care products, are very big in Japan. So much that some cosmetics products have aesthetics themselves, such as this incredibly satisfying to use and watch foam facial wash from Kanebo Evita. This video from @santsugaru demonstrates how when activated, the foam rises through a floral design dispenser to create a delightfully satisfying flower to cleanse your face with!

@santsugaruが投稿した動画 -

The product is a foam facial wash called "Beauty Cream Soap" (located on the far right), and this video has been mesmerizing people looking to scratch their oddly satisfying visual itch. Of course, we imagine that once you are able to break away from the trance, you might be interesting in getting your hands on it. Unfortunately it can be hard to hunt down. If you search "Kanebo Evita" Rakuten or Amazon, you may be able to find it at varying availability. The Japanese Rakuten site has it listed here as available, so if you can work around to language have at it!

Here's a commercial to see it in (dramatic) use.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.