Softbank's strangely cute, but equally creepy domestic helper-robot "Pepper" was designed to be an assistant and companion for humans in their home, but that doesn't mean it can't show off some more artistic talents. Even if it comes at the expense of your nightmare-free sleep.


Source: Source: YouTube

In a new promotional video for the robot assistant, 14 Pepper robots are synchronized (well, kinda) and led by a Pepper-conductor to sing Beethoven's 9th Symphony. While we would love to applaud the technological accomplishment, we can't help but notice how terrifying this could come across to anyone fearing a robot-insurrection. As cute as it appears at first, the soulless gaze of this singing group of Peppers has us seeing them as a choir of the damned. Maybe Softbank should have asked them to sing the Terminator theme instead.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.