There are very few contents a Japanese vending machine could be stocked with that would surprise anyone. Over the years, we've seen vending machines for edible bugs, spicy miso soup, quality dashi, and even masturbatory aides.

The newest vending machines in Japan aren't noted for their contents, however. Rather, they're being talked about for how they display the beverages inside. Japanese beverage maker DyDo Drinco will be installing vending machines that display only the backside label and nutritional information to customers when they approach it to make a purchase.

DyDo says the the transparency of the "backside vending machines" are a means of answering the needs of a more health and diet conscious youth, but also links them to the company's origin as a medicine delivery business.

The vending machines forgoes the more instantly recognized labels of the drinks, and shows only the name of the drink and its nutritional information on the display board. Those who may not be aware of what's in their coffee, sports drink, flavored water, or soft drink can check more readily to see if it's something that conflicts with their dietary needs or goals.

The installation is a for now slated as temporary move, and will only be available at Shizuoka Station's Parche building.

By - Big Neko.