If you've ever wanted to play the popular Japanese video game series Yakuza and just never got around to it, it may be because you encountered some obstacles. Localization issues, having to wade through a dialogue-heavy story spanning several games and different game-play systems, and perhaps the hesitance to play them on older gaming systems. Whatever the reason is, this video posted by videogamedunkey offers a solution: a fun and possibly inebriated summary of just what goes down in the game.

The game tells a pretty serious and engaging serious story that involves lots of beat-em-up battles with rival gangsters, but the series has gained somewhat of a charming notoriety or just how fantastically mundane it can be. It offers you an opportunity to get some virtual tourism of Japan, while micromanaging really detailed everyday actions such as shopping as a convenience store, eating ramen, playing arcade games, and even working as a taxi driver and being forced to drive while abiding the law.

So while you follow serious drama like this


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you occasionally get yourself distracted with stuff like this


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and of course this.


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So if you don't quite have the time for that, this video will give you the comedic cliff notes--in just 4 minutes!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.