While we've seen cats treat the bathtub like an onsen (Japanese hot spring) before, but for the most part, it remains a universal feline stereotype that cats and water just don't mix. Japanese Twitter user and cat lover @keitomeru's two cats, however, aren't just fine with water, but the sight of the two soaking in a tub together as bath buddies is a normal sight in the house.


Source: @keitomeru


Source: @keitomeru

Meru-chan (a Norwegian Forest Cat) and Liz-kun (a Ragdoll) often share their bath time together, but what has become a routine to them is a bit of a shock for other cat owners, so @keitomeru posted these photos and videos saying "Here's another episode of a scene that's very normal for the cats in our house, but what I've been told is unthinkable by other cat-owners." While there are obviously cats that don't mind the water, these two actually starting bathing at the age of one, so it's not exactly something they've been getting used to since they were little.

@keitomeru says that at first there was some biting when trying to bathe the cats, but that they quickly got comfortable with the experience, and now enter full-on relaxation mode like this.

@keitomeru may have to deal with cats who want to be pampered in the bath now, but it's probably worth it for scenes like this.


Source: @keitomeru

By - grape Japan editorial staff.