Kumasan No Attaka Shiruko (Mr. Bear’s Warm Red Bean Soup) is a cute, bear-shaped version of one of Japan’s traditional sweet soups. Known as oshiruko, it is a popular red bean soup made with azuki beans, usually served in a bowl with mochi.

Kumasan No Attaka Shiruko is an oshiruko kit consisting of azuki beans stuffed into a bear-shaped mold made out of mochi. When placed in hot water, the bear melts, turning into a hot bowl of delicious red bean soup.

They’re supposedly meant to look as though the bears are taking a hot bath in your bowl.

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But Japanese Twitter user @nemu90kWw discovered that this bear oshiruko kit isn’t as adorable as people have made it out to be.


Source: @nemu90kWw


Source: @nemu90kWw


Source: @nemu90kWw

No doubt it was cute at first, but when the hot water was poured in, the bear melted into a sad, unsettling blob of soggy mochi.


Source: @nemu90kWw

@nemu90kWw’s disappointment spread to other Twitter users, who also lamented the unfortunate outcome of the bear.

There really isn’t a way around this final result (unless you eat it as is), but with all things said, this curious oshiruko kit is definitely a conversation starter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.