If you poll fans of Re:Zero−Starting Life in Another World on their favorite character, you'll likely hear a lot about Rem, a popular blue-haired maid demoness that has lead the merchandise charge in Japan. However, you likely won't hear from many who are as dedicated to her as Japanese Twitter user and Rem super fan @Onika_Rem0202. He recently revealed on Twitter that he's spent 3 million yen ($26,531 USD) on decorating his room and car with Rem's likeness!

This of course includes a $14,000 life-size Rem figure that seems to be the centerpiece of his room.

A quick tour of his room reveals display cases housing an army of Rem figures, as well as plushies, posters, and all sorts of merchandise dedicated to his favorite character.

He's even got a special limited edition perfume that is said to smell like...whatever Rem smells like!

What may separate @Onika_Rem0202 from others who worship at the altar of Rem is that his expressed love for the character isn't confined to his room, as he's completely decorated his car with Rem, turning it into a full fledged Itasha.

Perhaps money can't buy love, but if you use it to blanket every inch of your room and car with the object of your affection, it can definitely show it!

By - Big Neko.