"Koisuru Fortune Cookie" is one of AKB48's biggest hits. It's march-paced track with easy-to-learn dance moves made a lot of people in Japan dance away.

While many different people posted their videos of them dancing to this AKB song, a video post by this group is a little different.

"Koichun" by medical professionals

In the video, you see people in white coats and nurse uniforms: these people are medical staff specializing in cancer.

US-Japanese Health Care Providers challenge themselves the Fortune Dancing based on the song "Fortune Cookies in Love" by AKB48. Our goal is to increase awareness that it takes a team to fight cancer.
Quoted from YouTube

Seeing the way they enthusiastically dance away makes us viewers smile also.

And at the end of the video, a message appears:

Bring the Love & Fortune to All Cancer Patients.

Love and fortune - it is certainly one of the themes of this song. Going through cancer is not just a physical experience; it takes toll on the emotion of the patient and people around the patient. We hope that this video will help raise awareness about the toughness of fighting cancer.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.