Do you still remember your high school life? In Kochi prefecture, two high school students decided to plan something memorable before the end of their graduation.

Both of them often used the school’s black board to draw various illustrations during school event. Since this would be their last time, they wanted to make something special.

Previous accomplished black broad art (nominated)

In end of the school year, a lot of flashbacks of happiness and sadness will appear in your mind. They aimed to express these complex feelings by including their memories of good friends and school activities in their artwork. The artwork was titled as “Graduation,” and was submitted to a major “black board art contest.

They received an opportunity to include their artwork in a music video, the music is called “Sakanaide,”(literally means Not wanting it to bloom) by WHITE JAM. The lyrics simply describe "When the sakura blooms, it is the time to say goodbye."

Two person begin their graduation black board artwork.

Both of them used limited colors of chalk to draw on the board.

Many hours passed...

Underneath the blue crystal sky are the sakura trees. A young school girl is staring at the sakura tree while saying goodbye to her high school life.

Besides the beautiful contrast from the sakura tree, the flower itself was treated in detail.

Many hours were spent on their last drawing, but they seemed happy of what they achieved so far in their 3 years of high school.

At last, the beautiful drawing was entirely erased, but their meaningful time being in high school will always remain in their hearts.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.