If social media had been been as finely developed as it is now back when professional-wrestling Stone Cold Steve Austin was stomping a mud-hole in fools, you can bet that his patented Stone Cold Stunner would have been as big an internet sensation as the RKO out of nowhere. Well, it may not make things equal, but the Texas Rattlesnake can at least get some compensation in the form of the most famous Pokemon, Pikachu (kinda) delivering a vicious Stone Cold Stunner in Pokkén Tournament.

It's Pikachu Libre (Masked Pikachu), and she is dishing out some old-school punishment with the wrestling finisher of the beer-swigging badass himself. First check out this video where you can compare her technique and Austin's back to back.

And now one with his music blaring in the background.


By - grape Japan editorial staff.