Founded in 1893, Kunjudo embodies the rich and constantly evolving incense making tradition of Awaji Island. Last year, the venerated company showed of their 120 years of craft with the very popular HA KO (a combination of the Japanese words for "leaf" and "incense"), beautiful and fragrant paper leaf-shaped incense. Now the elegant paper leaves are back in stylish black.

The individually crafted paper incense fallen leaves are very easy to use. They can simply be used decoratively as potpourri (while giving off a subtle scent that can last up to three months), or burned just like an incense stick. Simply light the tip of each leaf, extinguish the flame, and fill your room with the aroma of the respective leaf that lasts 5-7 minutes. The new luxury black lineup comes in three separate fragrances, each with a different aroma profile and make.

Focus: Lemongrass, believed to stimulate body and mind with a refreshing scent.

Sleep: Lavender and cedar, thought to calm nerves and provide a sweet scent to fall asleep to.

Relax: Vetiver and cypress, used to relieve tension with a foresty frangance.

HA KO are sold from the Kunjudo online store in packs of 7 (8,800 yen), 6 (3,000) yen (along with a case and plate), or individually for 450 yen. A number of shops in Japan carry them as well.

By - Big Neko.