Japan’s very first 100% non-alcoholic bar opened on July 16, 2020, and people can’t stop talking about it.

A bar you can go to during pregnancy or with your children; “0%”!

“Alcohol is not my cup of tea, but I wish I could enjoy more than a soft-drink at a bar.” “I can’t drink alcohol, but I’d love to sit at a nice bar and enjoy some quality outing experience.” Sounds familiar? If so, this bar, a 100% non-alcoholic bar “0%” is just for you.

The bar allows their patrons to feel “intoxicated” even without alcohol, by creating a unique environment based on the concept of “A first ever bar experience in the universe”.

The bar offers over 20 different drink menus; refreshing, non-alcoholic fruit cocktails mixed with basil, naturally fermented Kombucha drinks, and other uniquely flavored drinks. They also use many different herbs and spices that are good for health in their drinks, which makes a fun visit for pregnant women and those with children.

All food on the menus is vegan!

Additionally, the bars offers a 100 % vegan food menu. This allows many of those with dietary restrictions to enjoy eating out without a worry at this bar.

A get “drunk” without drinking? experience is on the menu, too.

Furthermore, you can also experience an ultimate relaxation “ASMR” sound track with your drinks, as well as “digital detox” where smartphones or PCs are off-limits.

This makes even an alcohol-drinker want to drop by to reset the mind and relax, and enjoy the experience of emptying the mind.

As a part of Covid-19 prevention strategy, they will be operating with reduced hours and capacity, as well as mandatory body temperature intake upon arrival.

They are also offering food and drink delivery service so you can enjoy at the comfort of your home.

It seems like more than just a bar, “0%”. Why not plan a visit to find out more?

Open: July 16th, 2020

Hours: 10am-10pm

Address: ANB Tokyo 1F, 4-2-5 Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo

By - Mugi.