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Take The Cute Dog Mop For A Walk!

While giving your for a walk, you are also doing your house cleaning, not bad at all. This terrific dog mop from Felissimo works two ways, a mop itself, but also as a dog. Its eyes are mostly covered by the long shaggy mop leather, and always puts a huge smile on your face at the same time.

The dog mop comes in three simple colors: brown, white and blue.

It's time to give you a bath, nice and clean.

By the way, the dog mop may be a real life dog. The little fuzzy cute dog mop looks like the company Facebook Owner’s dog Beast, a type of Hungarian Sheepdog.

You can order them at here, the shaggy cute dog mop sells for 2,916 yen (US$26) each. Not only does the mop work as a cleaning tool, but also as a great decor to your home.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.