We’ve seen Star Wars characters reincarnated as warriors of feudal Japan, but now we can see equally badass versions of Sailor Moon characters as samurais, ninjas, and even demon hunters.

The mini collection of “Samurai Moon” illustrations was created by the Chili Ferrets, two artists currently based in Canada who go by the name of Ash and Vice. When they aren’t creating their masterpieces, they can be found participating in events — most recently, Tsukino-Con 2016, a non-profit Anime convention held at the University of Victoria in British Columbia.

The complete five-piece Samurai Moon set is just one of the many different illustrations they’ve created so far, and the whole collection is pretty darn awesome.

Samurai Moon


Source: Chili Ferrets

Demon Hunter Mars


Source: Chili Ferrets

Ninja Mercury


Source: Chili Ferrets

Ronin Jupiter


Source: Chili Ferrets

Monk Venus


Source: Chili Ferrets

5-print sets of the Samurai Moon series are sold on the Chili Ferrets’ Etsy shop, the mini-sizes priced at 15 USD while the larger watercolor prints go for 45 USD.

In addition to these Sailor Moon illustrations, the Chili Ferrets work on all kinds of fan art and original projects — for example, their Sushimon artwork, for which they have mini posters and bookmarks also available for purchase.

Adorable much?


Source: Chili Ferrets

They’ve mentioned that they especially love anime, manga, and video games, and you can see that many of their works feature familiar anime and manga characters. But even the most familiar characters are often depicted in a new light, making us fall in love with them all over again.

If you want to see more, you can check out the rest of the artwork on their Facebook and Tumblr. It might not be long before they start posting future events they will be attending, so make sure to stay updated via their Facebook if you want to see them in person!

Chili Ferrets: Facebook, Tumblr

Ash: Facebook

Vice: Facebook

By - grape Japan editorial staff.