This is a battle between a Pomeranian and his owner.

The owner hides a treat in one of his hands, and makes his cute dog guess which hand has a treat inside. Can the Pomeranian gets it right?

He's a dog after all, he should sniff his way to the correct answer... But from round 1 he gets it wrong!


Source: YouTube

Round 2, he gets it right. Look at his happy face as he's managed to eat the treat!


Source: YouTube

Round 3. Mmmm? Not inside? Notice that the dog is going only to the owner's right hand...


Source: YouTube

Not right hand again, dog! Round 4, wrong again!


Source: YouTube

In Round 5, he finally tries the left hand and gets it right! But then in Round 6, he gets it wrong again after going back to choosing the right hand.


Source: YouTube

Although there were hints of improvement, the dog got it wrong 8 times out of the 13-round battle. But it's so sweet to see a dog who keeps on trying no matter how many mistakes he makes! A loving time with a dog - another reason to love them so much.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.