If you’re looking to impress for tomorrow night’s dinner, Japanese YouTuber ochikeron has just the recipe for you. Adorable but unbelievably easy to make, her Rilakkuma Omurice video will teach you how to make plate after plate of sleepy Rilakkuma bears in no time.

But first, let’s start with the ingredients:

(For the ketchup rice)

・300 g (10.5 oz) of cooked rice

・50 g (1.8 oz) of minced onion

・2 Tbsp of ketchup

・A pinch of salt

・1 Tbsp of cooking oil

(For the omelette)

・2 eggs

(For Rilakkuma and Yellow Bird)

・Slice of cheese

・Nori sheet (dried seaweed)

・1 chicken nugget

・Pieces of kombu (kelp)

・Slice of carrot

・Black sesame seeds




Considering how fancy the completed dish looks, it comes as a huge surprise to discover that the recipe itself is pretty simple to imitate. The only slightly cumbersome part is cutting out the little pieces to make the face.

1. Make the ketchup rice by cooking all the ingredients together in a pan.


Source: YouTube

2. Make the omelette blankets.

ochikeron makes 3, but you’ll only need 2. Just beat together 2 eggs and make thin, omelette “blankets.”


Source: YouTube

3. Make the pillow and Rilakkuma’s body.


Source: YouTube

4. For the Yellow Bird, simply decorate a chicken nugget with kombu, a slice of carrot, and some black sesame seeds.


Source: YouTube

5. Decorate Rilakkuma with bits of sliced cheese.


Source: YouTube

6. Use nori to make the faces of the characters.


Source: YouTube

7. Tuck them both into the other omelette blanket and garnish!


Source: YouTube

The snoozing Rilakkumas aren’t too hard or time-consuming to make, so while they’ll be great for a weekend meal, they’ll also be great for bentos for children to take to school. Kids can even try making it themselves, with an adult to help them with the cooking.

So whether you’re a full-grown adult that just loves Rilakkuma (like us), or a full-grown adult with kids that loves Rilakkuma, this is a recipe that you’re sure to enjoy.

See the video below for the full how-to!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.