When you think Ninja, one of the first weapon you would think of is "Shuriken".

To commemorate the launch of Japan Ninja Council (an organization that collect and send out information for the purpose of vitalizing tourism and local economy through Ninja), beautiful shurikens were presented via crowdfunding.

There are two types of shurikens available: "pure silver" and "pure gold". They were both handmade by Matsumoto Kisho, the oldest medal manufacturer in Japan.

In Japan, owning and using shurikens will violate the law. However, these shurikens do not have proper blades, enabling anyone in Japan to purchase them.

These shurikens are made of pure gold and pure silver (with engraving of Japan Mint), each with a unique number engraved; upon request, names can also be engraved.

Quoted from 日本忍者協議会発足記念!黄金の伊賀手裏剣制作!

This shuriken is also a part of a project called "Ninja Rise", which aims to promote Japanese Ninja contents overseas.

Only 10 of each shuriken type is available. As at the time of writing this article, they are still available. If you are interested, be in quick!

To purchase, visit:

Crowd Funding "Crowdrive"

By - grape Japan editorial staff.