Sony has been known for its wide variety of electronics, but because of their popular game engine Playstation, people may have forgotten that music has been always their key focus the whole time.

In the beginning of March, Sony announced plans to make another huge leap in their music development. Their special section “Future Lab Program N” is discovering a new way to allow users to hear music without using their earphones, or any connection device. Sounds vague doesn't it? But Sony does seem to have the capability to change music habits since they are godfather of Sony Walkman, the world’s first music player that fundamentally changed our music habits by lettings us carry music anytime, and anywhere.

To the bottom line, with no visible connection between it is like a ghost whispering in our ears. But Future lab says “You might be able to communicate with your computer via brain waves.” Which in fact they have already been discovering this method for some time, and could have a glimpse of it.

Since virtual reality has been envolving in multiple phases these days, the last piece of the puzzle may be Sony’s responsibility to link everything together with their music technology.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.