Everybody has drawn on a school blackboard before with a piece of chalk, but not everybody has made something as impressive as this:

In January 2015, an illustration drawn by then senior year high school student Reina Nakajima on a classroom blackboard went viral when it was shared on SNS.
Realising the opportunities to enjoy youthful freedom of creation could soon be coming to an end, she picked up a chalk stick and began to draw a detailed illustration inspired by the hit disney film ‘Frozen’. The drawing swiftly became a hot topic and grabbed the attention of art critics and fans in Japan.
Eventually, Nakajima was chosen to produce the cover for writer Miyuki Miyabe’s book – The Castle of Kingdom Gone – and ultimately kickstarted Nakajima’s creative career before her school days were even over.

Born 23 August 1996, Reina Nakajima started drawing pictures from a young age. She specialises in chalk illustrations, and is known for creating imagery with an aerial perspective that allows the user to feel ‘depth and space’.

You can keep up with Nakajima and her illustrations over on her twitter account and her official website.

From 24 March 2021, Saitama’s Yagihashi Department store will hold an exhibition showcasing some of Nakajima’s best work. In addition to the displays a number of prints will be available to purchase at the event.

Event name: The World of Blackboard Art, Reina Nakajima's Original Painting Exhibition
Location: Yagihashi Department Store 4th Floor Event Space, 74 Nakamachi, Kumagai City, Saitama Prefecture
Dates: 24th March - 6th April 2021

By - Connie Sceaphierde.