Having a quick snack at work is normal, but eating bag after bag of greasy potato chips when you most crave them just isn’t feasible at the office. But Japanese snack maker Koikeya knows that sometimes, potato chips are the only snacks that will boost our motivation.

That’s why they’ve come up with the Potato Chip Camouflaging File, a large binder-type file with a hidden compartment that will keep your cravings satisfied and your bosses oblivious.

Crunch crunch...

Oh no, the manager is coming! In moments like this, just hide your potato chips inside this folder. No one will notice that there’s a bag of chips inside.

This folder was created in collaboration with King Jim, a company that manufactures files. The folder they’ve used for the Potato Chip Camouflaging File is the common type that can be found in pretty much any office in Japan.

So now you can have all the chips in the world, and still be discreet about it.

Alllrighty! I’ll just go ahead and check the documents in this Potato Chip File... It’s crunch time!

Crunch crunch...

Crunch crunch.....

They aren’t for sale, but you do have the chance to win one of the 80 files they’ve made. All you have to do is follow Koikeya on Twitter, and retweet this post:

This potato chip file fits one bag of regular-sized chips, or 6 bags of the smaller sizes — work efficiency at its finest.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.