Source: itohkyuemon

Kyoto’s Bittersweet Matcha White Wine

Itohkyuemon is located in the historical city of Kyoto, a place is described as the first Matcha-grwoing area 500 years ago. Itohkyuemon has been selling tea since 1832. Now, the respected tea experts are bringing green tea wine to the market as part of their alcoholic beverage collections.

The collaboration takes off with Kyoto’s wine representative Tamba Wine company. The flavor combines the bitterness of Matcha with the soft acidity and sweetness of grapes to product a delicious, refreshing aftertaste. It pairs well with meals, especially for vegetable or seafood dishes, dissolves the rare smell, and adds an enjoyable separate level of good taste.

The sweet and bitter Matcha white wine is available in 300 mil (10-ounce) bottles for 1,296 yen (US$11.50) or 500 mil bottles for 1,944 yen. A good addition with cheese, fruits, and sweets.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.