If you're an anime fan, all it takes is a walk through some of the nicer parts of Tokyo to be pleasantly surprised at just how beautifully and accurately your favorite films and series capture real-life areas, but if a comparison stroll just isn't doable for you, Japanese Twitter user ujr50138 has some been turning photos of Japan into cool anime-styled scenes.

By decreasing brightness and enhancing the contrast in Photoshop, ujr50138 sets up a balanced aesthetic that allows for the impossibly blue skies and vibrant green plants that are common place anime backdrops. The sakura seem to benefit the most, being turned into bright and gorgeous anime cherry blossoms.

Impressed by ujr50138's anime-bending (our new favorite technique), others tried their hand at things, most notably kahoo_twit, who made what would normally be a great afternoon hanami scene into a spirited anime still.

Real life holds real beauty, but a little anime-flair never hurt anybody.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.